Welcome TO DynamicX

DynamicX is the brainchild of a team of computer programmers and interactive media developers who have come together with the goal of providing cutting edge technological solutions to real-life problems across many different areas, including but not limited to education, health, training, and disability support services. Supported by a diverse and dynamic alliance of computer programmers, graphic designers, trainers, and experts from different fields and disciplines, DynamicX offers technological innovations that respond to a host of individualized and collective needs, providing solutions and improving quality of life.

Breaking News

A subproject of High Five, will hit the market Summer 2018!

Chaos Eternal: Registration is Now Closed!

The Shield is a finalist at the world's largest modeling, Simulation & Training Conference!

Important Events:

Chaos Eternal

Join a team of more than 120 highly skilled professionals from over 19 countries to develop DynamicX’s latest project: Chaos Eternal.

The Shield

After months of hard work, The Shield: By Sword and Knowledge will be published. The Beta version is available on our Order System. More details to come.


DynamicX is pleased to be able to offer services to new and existing clients in many different areas and for free. To place an order or to make changes to existing services, please click here.